Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Worthenshaws Rice and Oat Milks

I've talked about Worthenshaw before, as the company behind the range of Freedom Frozen Desserts.  The lady behind them, Kirtsy Henshaw, came up with the low-fat, allergen-free, additive-free, fruit sugar only "ice-creams" due to her child's allergy issues, and appeared on Dragon's Den with the idea.

(Incidentally, the chocolate is delicious, but I find the strawberry and, especially, the vanilla, to be a little thin).

I'm going to give you this review of the program and ice creams, too, because Amy is interesting and has a cute accent, and explains it rather better than I do.

There y'go.  They are available in Tesco now, by the way, for £4.99. I'm told that elsewhere, they're £3 or two for £5, so I think Tesco is ripping me off.

So, Kirtsy Henshaw announced earlier on Twitter than Worthenshaws will be coming out with Calcium-fortified Rice and Oat milks.  They're named Original, so presumably other flavours will follow.
Now, with the Freedom frozen desserts, there did seem to be a gap in the market.  I haven't seen any other vegan ice-creams in supermarkets, although, to be quite fair, I found Freedom quite early on, and so didn't really look for any alternatives (though I did make one).

This isn't the case for rice and oat milks.  I've never bought oat milk, though I do keep seeing Oatly and So Good in Tesco.  I have bought rice milk, specifically Rice Dream, and it is absolutely delicious, especially the chocolate and strawberry versions.  I only stopped drinking it because it has no protein and 10g of sugar per portion.  Unsweetened soya milk tends towards the opposite ratio, and I needed that switch.

I did tweet Ms Henshaw, and asked what her products offer over Rice Dream, and the oat milks already on the market, and received the response "taste!".  I asked about nutritional information and allergens too, but it seems that info just isn't available yet.  Apparently, the website will be up in two weeks, and the products will be in Asda in May.  I'll have to blindfold Anthony and do a taste test, as well as compare the nutrition and ingredients from other brands.   It'll be interesting to see what Worthenshaws can offer here that other brands don't.

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