Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ice Cream Syrup!

Lyle has a new range of syrups out - strawberry, butterscotch, mint-chocolate, and chocolate.  They're £1.25, and three of the four are vegan - all but the chocolate flavour.  And what I really like about this, they've gone ahead and put "suitable for vegans" right on the back.

I love it when companies do that, instead of making me search through the ingredients least, and look for the vegetarian simple, and then go through the allergens.  Just a nice, simple "suitable for vegans".  Wonderful.

I bought the butterscotch one, since I hate mint, and I've got some askey's strawberry in the cupboard.  I haven't tried butterscotch since I left Oregon, and it's still yummy.

I got some more Chocolate Freedom, too, which has gone down to £3 in Tesco now.  And then I ate quite a lot of ice cream and syrup, and felt a bit sick.  It was worth it!

See?  Right there!

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