Thursday, 28 April 2011

But I don't want to go among MAD people!

130lbs, in January.
I'm still rocking Alice in Wonderland a bit, yeah.  But mostly, I just love my top hat, which I happen to be wearing in all these pics.

When I first stopped eating meat, my weight went down from eleven stone to ten and a half. When I dropped dairy and eggs too, it went right back down to nine and a half. And when I started paying attention to the nutrients I got, doing krav, and eating around 1600 calories a day, it dropped right down to my current weight of eight stone, eleven pounds (that is, about 123lbs, or 56kg), which is the lowest weight I've been as an adult. My body fat percentage also dropped from around 23% to 18%, and you can see a lot more muscle definition (in a feminine way - strength workouts will not give you body builder arms, ladies, I promise!).

It feels great. At 5'5 and a half, with a small frame, I was never actually overweight, but I was always a little pudgier than I'd have liked.

About a month ago.
You can't see my top hat or belt, but trust me, they're there.
I don't have any full body shots of me at eleven stone. I didn't post them on facebook, and since I'm on a new computer, they're probably lost forever. Good. Again, although I was never overweight (just borderline, at my heaviest), I felt fat.

Last night, I tried on some of my old clothes (yes, I am purposefully obscuring my features a little in these pictures).  A red corset I wore in Cardiff (due to a bet about Wales vs Scotland), which looked a little obscene, and gathered a lot of attention (I never actually took my coat off, and it got really annoying).  My halloween costume, Death of the Endless.

My dear child, this is NOT a birthday party!
Of course not!
This is an UNbirthday party!
The corset, which used to squeeze quite a bit, is now loose.  I lace it up as tight as it will go, and it's still comfortable.

The Halloween costume, which used to be skin-tight, is still skin-tight.  But in a more comfortable, more flattering way.  And, of course, my top hat still fits perfectly.

I knew I'd lost weight.  I even knew I'd lost inches.  But it wasn't really driven home until I did this.

I didn't become a vegan, or start studying Krav to make me look better.  But I'm really glad that it did.

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