Thursday, 14 April 2011


So, I just changed the name of this blog from Vegan2011 to Raveganous.

Originally, this blog was intended to chart my year of veganism (2011).  It also had quite a nice little rhyme to it (if you pronounced it twenty-eleven).

However, the blog isn't about that any more.  A name with the year in it will date very quickly, so I wanted to pick something else.  I wanted something which instantly indicated 'vegan', but preferably without using the word 'vegan' (like the Happy Herbivore managed to do).  That proved tricky.

I also wanted the name to be catchy, and something personal to me.  I did think of Krav Vegan, or some variation of it, but I don't often talk about Krav Maga, or even sports nutrition.  I eat more calories on days when I work out more, and up my protein content by a proportionate amount, sometimes with a hemp smoothie - that's the extent of my sports nutrition.

I have a love of classic British and English food, but I don't always focus on those, and anyway British Vegan is taken.  I'm lazy, but the Lazy Vegan is also taken.  So, I just went with a portmanteau of my surname, ravenous, and vegan.  Simples!

Have a mildly artistic picture of Anthony and I, and my Ridiculous Sunhat (love that hat).

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