Sunday, 24 April 2011

In Which Anthony is a Total Genius and Invents Delicious and Easy Pizza Sauce

Anthony texted this picture to me the other day, with the following message;  It tastes like pizza!

When I went over the next day, he made me some.  And guess what?  It tastes like pizza!

I don't know why this is.  There's no cheese on it, obviously, vegan or otherwise.  No, my guess is...well, mozarella, by itself, is actually kind of tasteless.  It's mostly fat.  So, the taste I associate with pizza comes from the tomato and the spices more than the cheese, which really only contributes grease.  Or, y'know, I've forgotten what cheese tastes like, though that doesn't explain Anthony (he's not vegan, though he is a poor student away from home, and doesn't buy cheese often).

What that tomato sauce is, is simply double concentrate tomato purée, mixed with garlic purée, with a bit of flour to thicken it.  A bit of salt, some lemon juice, paprika, and a bit of vegan margarine.  That's it.  We added some fresh parsley too, which is so much better than the dried stuff (we got a basil plant for 89p from Tesco, and the parsley for 50p from Aldi).  It really brings out the flavour of the garlic.

Later in the evening, Anthony made this;

That is, homemade garlic and rosemary foccaccia (I say homemade, it was Wright's breadmix, though we did find a from-scratch recipe for the same stuff, so we'll try that next time), with fried mushrooms, mixed with that pizza sauce, with fresh basil on top.  I'm not the world's biggest fan of mushrooms, but it was absolutely delicious.  And the basil on top made it look really appetising.

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