Friday, 1 April 2011

Queso Sauce

Another recommendation here - the Happy Herbivore's quick queso sauce.

As you can see, I ate it with pasta and broccoli.  It's a fantastic replacement for cheese sauce, and has this great oniony-paprika taste.  Today, I think I'll try it baked onto pasta, with a tomato sauce (or just tomato purée, because I am lazy and not going to tesco).

I made the recipe exactly as written here, no changes or substitutions.  Though I did leave out the cayenne pepper and added in some black pepper instead.  And added some flaxseed.


  1. there are 3 other cheese sauces in my cookbook--incl a "cheddar" one thats really awesome with pasta & broccoli---plus "nacho cheese" that I can't get enough of!

  2. Thanks.:D It's on my 'to buy' list.


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