I've recently made the decision to include my thoughts on feminism in this blog, because I have so many thoughts on feminism.  I also feel that Krav Maga, and studying self-defence as female plays into my feelings about women's rights and the situations we face as a gender seen as traditionally weaker.

I'm the only woman in my regular Krav classes, though a few other women do train at my club.  This is ridiculous; women are more likely to be attacked than men because we are, physically, smaller and weaker, and less likely to be able to defend ourselves.  Shouldn't the classes be crowded with women who want to learn the best way to disable an attacker?  No, because that's not ladylike.  Because it's hard to start training with a group of men you don't know (that said, it's gotten easier recently.  I don't think they really notice that I'm female any more - they've all started stripping off after class, right at the side of the mats.  I try to keep my eyes focused upwards).

That said, I don't think feminism is just about women.  It ties into a lot of other things; everyone is subjugated in some way, whatever their gender, and whatever the degree.  I'm not going to say that some people don't have it worse, though I'm not going to pick out a group that does, either.  I think it's all about injustice, wherever it is, and whatever it looks like, and that ties into my veganism too.  We don't need to eat animals; we've reached a point where we are rich enough to live healthily without taking animal products at all (by we in that sentence, I am referring to people in this country, not in the whole world.  I'm not going to deny a starving person food).

Ellie Levenson made a similar point in her book, the Noughtie Girls Guide to Feminism.  She asked what a group for men's rights would ask for, and she came up with; more time to spend with their children, i.e., a better distribution of maternal/paternal leave, less gender stereotypes forcing them to act in certain ways, and not to be judged for their gender, all things that feminism asks for.

I identify as a fourth-wave feminist, though I hope to evolve with feminism and the world, as we attempt to figure out and apply justice.

I identify as both cisgendered and cisexual.  I use those words because, to me, defining myself in this way, with no reference to anyone else's sexuality, (ie, not using phrases like 'not-gay'), means that other people can define themselves without referring to mine.  I hope that made sense.  This cis viewpoint does mean that I can be both ignorant and naive as to how to correctly refer to people who do not identify as cis, and that I may misunderstand experiences, or simply not know of something.  I would greatly appreciate being corrected in these matters should you spot any of my mistakes.

I occasionally find myself attracted to women, but I'm not yet sure of whether I actually want to act on this at any point.  Besides, I am very happy with my Anthony right now. 
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