Thursday, 21 April 2011

More on VegNews and QuarryGirl

Since the VegNews scandal broke, there's been a fair amount of debate among vegans.  The CEO of VegNews issued an apology, and QuarryGirl reports receiving hate mail.

Seriously people?  Not cool.

Whether you're okay with the idea of meat stock photos or not, all QuarryGirl did was give you the information to make your own decision about it.  What's so dreadful about that?  If VegNews does tank because of this, that won't be QuarryGirl's fault, or the fault of anyone who decides that no, they are not comfortable with it.  It's an entirely personal decision.

If you're cool with it, great.  If you're not, and you decide not to support the magazine, equally great.  Don't we get enough second-guessing and judgement from certain kinds of omnis without doing it to ourselves?

There's an interesting analysis of the situation on the DailyVegan.

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