Sunday, 3 April 2011

Peanut Butter Bon-Bons

From this recipe.

These are amazingly simple.  And so yummy!


  • 20g Cereal (I used Tesco Special Flakes, which, incidentally, are more fortified than Special K, have less sugar, and are much cheaper.  You're welcome.).
  • Fruit/Berries - the batch in the picture are made with two tablespoons of raisins (approximately 10g), but you could also use two large strawberries, or four chopped glacé cherries.  I would suggest something soft enough to go well with the peanut butter - I don't think apple would work, but try it if you like - but hard enough to keep its shape (so not raspberries).
  • 3 Tablespoons Peanut Butter (I use Tesco Wholenut, which is £1 a jar.  I used to get Whole Earth, but I figure I can consume a bit of vegetable fat for the price difference.  At least it has no sugar/e-numbers).

  1. Crush the cereal (I used a potato masher).  Reserve a tablespoon or two for coating the bon-bons.
  2. Chop the berries/fruit into small pieces.  Mix with the cereal crumbs and the peanut butter, using a fork.
  3. With your hands, shape the mixture into eight balls of about 1-inch diameter.  Roll in the reserved crumbs to coat, then stick in the fridge for about twenty minutes (or eat them anyway, which is what I did).
These are really quick, and don't require any special ingredients - this was all stuff I had in the cupboard anyway.  They look like they've taken a bit of effort, though, and they taste absolutely delicious.

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