Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Terrible Wetherspoons, and a Wonderful Vegan Café

Good news first or bad news?

Bad news first, so I can cheer myself up afterwards.

The staff happened to be behind the fridge when I took this.

I was in a Wetherspoons earlier, and I got the Sweet Potato, Chickpea, and Spinach Curry, since it's vegan, if you ask them to leave off the naan bread.  Which I did.  Twice.  Which they ignored.

It's not that I think having the naan bread on my plate will taint the food, or that I can't just not eat it.  It's that, my reason for being vegan is to reduce the demand for animal products, and if they simply throw the naan bread away, it's just as consumed as if I ate it.  It's just as used up, just as wasted, and it still goes into their figures for the amount they need to buy and keep in stock next time.

Oh, and the curry was watery, and the poppadoms were stale.  And the lady who brought it out was rude.  And the toilets were absolutely filthy - used sanitary towels on the floor, the works.

In short, avoid The Pear Tree in King's Heath, and head to the KPL café inside the 'In Shops' centre instead.  It's much more reasonably priced, friendlier, and totally vegan.  And the food is much better.

They also do free samples most Saturdays, betwen 12pm-2pm.  And, as you can see, a very reasonable mini battered 'cod' and chips.  And sweeties!  And chocolate muffins!  The latter of which was, admittedly, not very chocolatey.  I must send them my cherry chocolate fudge cake recipe, just as soon as I get around to writing it up.

I visited the café for their grand opening, a few weeks back (I did mean to post about it - sorry), and had a 'sausage' bap, with fried onions, and a strawberry milkshake.  Both were yummy, and you would swear the sausage was meat if you didn't know better.  I asked a member of staff about them, who told me that they were made by Redwood.  Good to know.

Muffin!  I was nomming on it on the bus, hence why the picture is blurry.

The café has an excellent range, and is extremely reasonably priced.  I must drag Anthony there.

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