Sunday, 10 April 2011

Full English Breakfast

...only not quite, because I really wanted to include mushrooms, but we were out of them.

That's a large slice of Tiger Bloomer toast with vitalite, vegan sausages, Rachel Wilkerson's sweet potato hash browns, homemade baked beans, and tomatoes baked in the oven with a spritz of oil.  You can thank Gizzi Erskine for that last one.  I'd have cooked the mushrooms the same way, if we'd had any.

The vegan sausages are my own recipe.  I made a batch last week, and they're really good.  I'm planning to use the same recipe to make vegan pork pies, along with some extra spices and maybe vitalite or sunflower oil for the extra fat content (they're traditionally made with lard, so still an improvement!).

This was my reward for three straight hours of Krav Maga yesterday.  It was great fun, but my knees have yet to forgive me.  And my arm looks like this, but that's more to do with the three hours I did earlier in the week.

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