Thursday, 7 April 2011

I am Excited!

Graze is a company which will deliver a box of four snacks to your home or office pretty much whenever you like (as long as you give them enough notice - if you want it Thursday morning, you need to order before 6pm on Tuesday, if I recall correctly).  You can set this up to repeat weekly or fortnightly, push a delivery back or bring it forward, or order one-off boxes.  You'll be charged for the box when it's sent, currently £3.49, delivery included.  You can cancel at any point, or send boxes to your friends.  My plan at the moment is to get one once every fortnight, or every month, and to try every single vegan item they have.  They have things like goji berries, which I've never tasted, and really want to.

You can get your first order free, and half off your next one, which tempted me to check it out.  By the way, if you don't use that link, then enter the code 14Y9DGY to get that deal.

Dark Rocky Road - Cranberries, Dark Chocolate Buttons, and Pecan Nuts.  You get three more things like this per box.  How is that not awesome?

You can see the snacks they send here.  They include things like seeds, dried berries, flapjacks, chocolate (the dark chocolate is vegan!), nuts, dried fruit, and crackers.  Things are usually sent in combos - for instance, cranberries, hazelnuts, and dark-chocolate coated cocoa beans are one snack, called Eldorado, and so is the apple, cranberry, and coconut flakes combo, Mount Pleasant.

You get to choose whether to 'like', or 'love' a snack, or indicate that you want to 'try' it, or 'bin' it, the latter of which means they will never send it to you.  You can do this before you've received anything.

Graze is all about getting people to eat healthier snacks, and graze throughout the day in order to avoid blood sugar spikes, which can lead to periods of lethargy, hunger, and binges.  I can get behind that; I tend to snack when I'm hungry rather than have full meals anyway.  Plus, all their snacks are vegetarian, and they include a linky to click to see and 'bin' all non-vegan items.  Go to 'browse and rate' food, and click 'non-vegan items' near the bottom, then click 'bin all'.

I'm excited because I get my freebie box in the post tomorrow.  I could check to see what they've sent, or I could leave it as a surprise.  The homepage (and an email they send) lets you know that you have that option.  I'm resisting the temptation to look, though I really, really want to.

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