Sunday, 17 April 2011


I'm trying out an app that lets me blog from my phone. Seems to work pretty well.

Garlic bread with tomato purée.

Earlier today, I made pork pies, which came out brilliantly, and Anthony and I made chocolate ice-cream, which came out even better. I have a definitive recipe to post now, so yay!

We also made garlic bread, and, later, we'll have homemade chips, and the little samosas, onion bhajis, and pakoras from the tesco Indian selection. I like cooking from scratch, but sometimes I just can't be arsed.

The garlic bread was simply some vitalite dairy-free margarine, mixed with some garlic granules and parsley, and spread over hot Tiger Bloomer toast.  Anthony added tomato purée, too.  It does give it a nice zing.

Lazy Sundays are lovely, aren't they?

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