Sunday, 24 April 2011

Want to Know a Secret?

I liked meat.  I liked cheese, too.  Never that big a fan of eggs, but I did like meringue.  Now, I admit, I find the smell of meat a bit gross, but I certainly didn't give those things up because I didn't like them.

I like the hunting mini-game in Final Fantasy IX, and fishing in the Breath of Fire games.  I like killing things in most videogames.

I also have rape fantasies, and my point here is, just because you're not totally opposed to the fantasy of something doesn't mean you'd ever want to do it in reality.

While I'm ranting; twice today, I've heard "eating fake meat is cheating", or "doesn't serving fake meat defeat the purpose of a vegan restaurant?".

My only response is total bafflement and annoyance.  Cheating at what?  What do you think the point is?  etc.

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