Saturday, 14 May 2011


I love my Graze boxes, I do.

That little booklet has all the
ingredients and nutritional info listed.
To recap; Graze is a (British) company, who will send you a box of four healthy snacks, for £3.49.  The kinds of snacks you can choose are listed on the website, and you can rate each snack with 'bin' (never send), 'try', 'like', or 'love'.  You can also set your account to send boxes every week or every fortnight, and to send you either a majority of things to try, or a majority of things you like or love.  Mine is set to 'try', in my ongoing attempt to be less fussy (I ate salad today!  It used to make me gag - today, it was delicious!  Progress!).  You can also choose to bin all non-vegan items, all non-coeliac items, and anything containing milk or dairy.  Or all three.  Everything is vegetarian.

If you click on that icon to the right, or in my sidebar, you can get your first box free, and your second half price (normally, just your first is half price). Or, you can get that same deal by entering the code 14Y9DGY.  If you do, I should point out that my account gets credited with a pound, which I can give to charity or put towards a box.  It's a nice bonus, but seriously, it's a great deal, use any code you can get your hands on, anyone with an account can give you one.

I wrote about the items in my first box here.  They were yummy, so I was looking forward to my second box, which came the other day.  Again, I took myself off to lie in the sun and snack.  It was lovely.

This box contained the Lost Army Cracker Mix, Dark Rocky Road, Mulberry Flame, and Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

My least favourite was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which I've asked them not to send again.  It's one of the newer snacks, and contains chopped dates, apricots, and pitted dried plums (all fruit and berries are dried, so the post doesn't ruin them).  I knew I was never the biggest fan of dried apricots - too chewy and a bit bland for my liking - but I'd never tried dried dates or dried plums before.  Good experience, but yeah, no, not a fan.

I did like the Mulberry Flame though.  That consists of dried cranberries and mulberries.  I love the former, and had never tried the latter.  They're nice, quite cinnamonny, and they look like cute little pine cones.  Adorable!

The Lost Army Cracker Mix was my first savoury snack, consisting of  mixed rice crackers and mixed peanut crackers, flavoured with various sweet and salty things, including caramel and soy sauce.  It was an interesting mix, and that one got a 'like' too.

Yeah, I went to Pigeon Park again.
Great place to people watch!
The one I really loved was the Dark Rocky Road, which included dark chocolate buttons, cranberries, and pecans.  Two of my favourite things are in there (I am not ashamed of my sweet tooth).  I don't usually buy pecans, but I loved pecan pie when I tried it, and plain pecans are really good too.  I still prefer hazelnuts, but they're right up there.

I ordered another box for the end of this week, because I felt like treating myself after walking that marathon!

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