Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Best Lunchbreak Ever

I don't know why my lunchbreak the other day was so great. It's not like I had much time to make food.

Bread is under the lettuce.
 I got home at 1pm, dirty stop-out that I am, and had an hour to get myself ready for work, and make lunch. I work in fast food (I'm a poor student, bite me), so I do get a free meal per shift. I just never take it.  If I'm going to eat a high fat and calorie item, I want it to be absolutely delicious, not a fast food veggie burger and fries. However, since this free lunch is available to me, it feels wrong to go out and buy my lunch, unless I'm really craving something from the chippy.

Anyway, short version is, it is important to me to make my own lunch, even with limited time.

I sliced up a veggie sausage, and put it in a container with two slices of wholemeal bread, and some lettuce leaves (only two or three). Then I deseeded a tomato, and chopped it into thin slices. I did the same with a cucumber. The seeds are the wateriest part, so if you're making a packed lunch, it's always nicer to deseed things first, especially cucumbers and tomatoes.  I put the cucumber and tomato pieces into their own little tub, and salted and peppered them.  I can get salt and pepper at work, but they're not freshly ground.  And, seriously, nothing is better than freshly ground seasalt, especially on cucumber slices, and pepper on tomatoes.

Finally, I put some tofu cheese, in another little container, and added my pink plastic picnic plate and cutlery (I have four!  Green, pink, blue, and orange!  So cute!).  Just so, y'know, I could put my sandwich together on a plate, with a proper knife, and not a disposable one (so bad for the environment).

On my break, I was the only one in the crew room.  I put some Pachelbel on, and started layering up my sandwich.  It was so nice, to have good music, and great, freshly-prepared-by-hand, vegan food.  And the stacked sandwich, that was awesome.  Tofu cheese on the bread, then lettuce, sausage, cucumbers and tomatoes, another dab of tofu cheese, more lettuce to hold it all together, and topped with another slice of tofu-cheese-spread wholemeal bread.  A wonderful crisp bite, with a meaty texture and a good, savoury taste from the sausages, with the tartness of the tomatoes, the creamy tang of the tofu cheese, and the salty cucumber slices.  So good.  Incredibly filling, too.

I'm reading Atlas Shrugged.
It's pretty good.
This lunchbreak was so relaxed, even though it was only forty-five minutes, same as always.  It felt like it went on long enough for me to really wind down and enjoy myself, just me, the music, my sandwich, and my book.  Even when one of my coworkers came in and turned the music off without acknowledging my presence or even letting it finish (rude), it didn't ruin my mood.  I'm almost - almost! - looking forward to work, just so I can do it again.

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