Saturday, 7 May 2011

T-minus 2 Hours

Ten to 7am.  Everything is ready except me, who still needs to be fed (can't eat right after waking), and to dress.  I'm tempted to put on a costume, but it'd be Death of the Endless, the only one I can whip up at short notice, and I don't think that's totally appropriate.

For those new to me, I'm walking a marathon today, to raise money for the Birmingham Children's HospitalIt's a Walkathon, run and sponsored by BRMB, a major Brummie radio station (I should point out that, right now, my clock radio is playing Smooth FM, not BRMB, but oh well).

Here's the route map, from the Birmingham Mail;

I start at P2, Summerfield Park.

I am holding down the rising panic by thinking of the next thing I have to do, and just getting on with it.  The walk will probably be like that, too.  I'll walk one mile twenty-six times, rather than walk twenty-six miles once.


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