Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wetherspoons Flatbread & Dips

Wetherspoons have a new starter on the menu (at least, I'd never noticed it before). It consists of two flatbreads, each cut in half, and little pots of roasted veggies, tzatziki, red pepper tapenade, and houmous.   It's £4.10, and similar to their roasted vegetable flatbread, which consists of the flatbread with houmous and roasted vegetables in it, which is suitable for vegans.  So, I wrote to them, and asked if the flatbread and dips were too.

There you go, everything except the tzatziki.  It's good for sharing.  I asked them not to bring the tzatziki out, and gave Anthony two of the flatbread halves, so he could have a chip butty.  I quite liked having extra houmous, and slightly less veggies, as well as the tapenade, because I still have issues with veggies.  I'm so much better than I used to be, but not yet at the point where I'd pick them over a slice of bread and v. margarine (or, indeed, warm flatbread and houmous).  It'd be a nice shared starter if you were with a group of non-veggies - just avoid the yoghurt.

I like Wetherspoons because it's a high street pub chain.  It's reasonably priced, and it's not 'special'.  It's not vegan, people don't give it funny looks when they walk past, and I can go there with a group of omnivores.  Plus, there's one pretty much everywhere, so if I'm in another city, I know I have options.  Its sheer British mundanity and comfort is exactly what I like about it.

Off the top of my head, there are three options for vegans, including the two above (though the website says these are "selected pubs only".  The third option is the sweet potato and chickpea curry without naan bread, which I generally go for, especially on a Thursday, when the price is a lot more reasonable (£5.99, with a drink, as opposed to £7-8 otherwise).

Looking at the menu (all vegan options here), there are a few other options, mostly chips, salad, and the baked potatoes.  I try to never actually order chips and salad when I'm out, simply because they tend to be a compromise when no vegan options are available, and the ones I make at home taste better anyway.  I'm a poor student; if I'm buying prepared food, it had better be nicer than what I can make myself, for less money, am I right?

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