Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Warehouse Cafe and Sheese

I didn't make it to Browns today - I am so broke.  Especially after going to the Warehouse Cafe, where I insisted on ordering a starter, main, dessert, and a chocolate milkshake, simply because I could.  And then stopping by the vegan shop downstairs for kelp powder and Sheese, and Holland and Barrett for ground flaxseed and lentils.

The food was good.  The range of main courses wasn't terribly impressive, but where they really shone were the desserts.  I never get dessert.  I might go back there soon, purely for the desserts.  The garlic bread starter was no better or worse than anywhere else, and notable mostly for being vegan.  It wasn't as good as Bella Italia's, and I think the one I made a few months back was slightly better, too, mostly because I really like soft garlic bread rather than crispy.  They took a little while to bring the food out (about forty minutes).

The Warehouse Cafe is a sweet little place, really.  I want them to do well.  The conversation was excellent too, but you can't blame the Warehouse Cafe for that.

The Sheese is interesting.  I got the mature cheddar kind, to see how it tastes, and it is pretty good.  It tastes like cheese.  However, it does have a slightly plasticky after-taste.  I want to see how it melts, and make scalloped potatoes with it tomorrow.  Shame I'm out of spring onions.

The kelp powder is to make fish fingers with.  I'm also going to need some Old Bay seasoning, which I can buy here.  Incidentally, that's quite an interesting site - it imports American food products to sell in Europe.  I can see that being handy, since so many vegan recipes call for American ingredients.  They also accept paypal, which is useful.

I'm going to flavour slices of tofu with Old Bay and kelp powder, then cover them with some kind of breading and bake them.  I'm planning to add in a couple of tablespoons of the flaxseed into the breading mixture too, for the Omega 3s and 6s.  Not sure what else I'll use yet.  No clue what I'll do with the lentils.

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  1. I like the Warehouse Cafe and really do wish them well. My issues with them are that (in my opinion) over the past couple of years, the prices have gone up, the range decreased and the portion size gone down.

    It's a shame. I realise that they have to run a business that makes money, but it's lost a little of it's edge. Nevertheless, I'll still be going there from time to time.


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