Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I really missed my first ex's cousins.  The eldest was twelve when I was fifteen, and he was such a sweet, sensible kid.  The other day, I was talking about him with someone (we were having a conversation about unusual names), and I decided to look for him on facebook - and there he was!

This is relevant far as I know, he doesn't know I'm a vegan.  So, I'm going to give him the second version of my Cherry Chocolate Fudge Cake, and see if he notices.  I bet not.

Yesterday, I had a go at making hash browns.  It went fine up until the frying bit, then it went weird.  I made three hash browns altogether, one with just salt and pepper, one with a bit of salad dressing (which was inspired, it had this delicious tang to it), and one with Garlic Italian seasoning on it, which you can't really taste so much.  Next time, I'll try nuking them with the deep fat fryer, instead of shallow frying.

For lunch at work yesterday I packed another bento.  It was pretty nice; I added a chopped tomato and half a lime to the salad, which tasted great.  Today, I think I'll get two tomatoes in there.  More seasoned peanuts for the protein content.  I seriously need to think of more protein sources, that don't require heating up.  I might try hazelnuts with walnut oil and cinnamon, nutmeg, and sugar on them today.  I'll be more inventive with bentos when I have more time to think of stuff that can be eaten cold, or find a microwaveable box.

I tried like fifty times to get this image to upload the right way up.  It just doesn't.  It keeps rotating.  Sod it.

I'm meant to be making my first three course vegan dinner for the month on Saturday. It was originally supposed to be today, but I have to work. Then it was meant to be tomorrow, but I moved it. Then Friday, but I moved it again so I could go to the museum instead. So, Saturday. I'm thinking a basic menu (which I may have mentioned before) of vegetable soup with freshly baked bread, followed by vegan sausages and mashed potato, with a dash of salad dressing and some seasoning, along with fresh vegetables and a small salad. Then apple crumble with custard, and/or cherry chocolate fudge cake (I like saying that). I'm going for a very English winter theme, here. I'd like to do something Cajun or Japanese in future. Maybe next month.

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