Sunday, 16 January 2011


I am dying of the snuffles.  Again.

I have to go to work tomorrow!

I was feeling some of the symptoms last night, before I knew I was sick.  I was tired, and kind of hungry, but kind of feeling ill, too.  I still made most of that three course meal I was working on, but lots of it ended up in the fridge, waiting for me to feel better.  I took pictures, and I'll post up recipes later.

Tonight, I tried Lauren Ulm's recipe for creamy pasta sauce.  It does taste quite cheesy.  I made a couple of changes; I doubled the lemon juice, since I was using bottled, not fresh, and grated the cloves of garlic.  I'm not sure about them - I'm thinking a garlic puree would have been better.  The lemon flavour is pretty strong, too, and I'm still not sure I like the nutritional yeast I have.  It came out pretty well, though.

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