Friday, 28 January 2011

Fast Food and Restaurants

So, yesterday was the first time in ages that I ate at McDonalds.  In this case, a spicy veggie deli, with no ranch dressing and no chilli sauce (because I don't like chilli sauce, it is vegan), a medium coke, and a medium fries.  It wasn't that great, it made me feel sick, and, afterwards, I figured out that it covered fully half my calorie allowance for the day (2000, for an adult female).  And a bit more (1055 total).  It didn't even taste that good.

Burger King's Veggie Bean Burger is slightly better.  Their veggie patty is less dry, and the burger comes with a lot more on it, so you're not limited to just lettuce when you veganise it by leaving off the cheese and mayo.

(Incidentally, you should note that the risk of cross contamination with oils used to cook non-vegan food, which is a slight risk for both of these, is not a concern for me).

Burger King doesn't really come in any better on the calorie front though - a veggie bean burger meal, with medium fries and a coke comes to 954.  In fact, the McDonalds one is probably about the same, since I accounted for taking the mayo and cheese off the veggie bean burger (as Burger King kindly lists the calorie content for individual items), but not for taking the sauces off the veggie deli.

Tomorrow, I have two events, one for lunch, and one for dinner.  One with my feminist group, several of whom are vegetarian, and one with a vegetarian/vegan group, all of whom are vegetarian/vegan.  Lunch will be at the Warehouse Cafe, a vegetarian cafe on Allison Street, and the other at Browns in Coventry.  Apparently, Browns is good foodwise, but fucking awful customer service-wise.  I'll let you know how it goes.

I've been to the Warehouse Cafe before, as we held our fundraiser there.  It was pretty good, from what I remember.

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