Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Apple Crumble and Philosophy of Cooking (pt 2)

I like cooking things from scratch, from base ingredients. And I prefer recipes that are designed to be vegan. I don't like the idea of using egg replacers in an omni recipe to make it vegan - I'd rather redesign it from scratch.

My apple crumble design isn't perfected yet, so I'm not tagging it as a recipe. All I did was, peel and cube an apple, and put it in a bowl, sprinkled with sugar. Then, I mixed some flour in another bowl with half as much sugar, or maybe just over. Added hazelnut oil, bit by bit, while doing that crumbling thing with my fingertips, until it went like breadcrumbs. Then, add in a handful of flaked almonds, give it a quick stir, and just bake it. I confess, I haven't done that bit yet - it's in the fridge, waiting for my appetite to come back. But, so far, the theory looks sound.

Speaking of my appetite; I'm sick, at the moment, as I've mentioned.  It's just a cold, and not so terrible as colds go.  I'm a bit tired and fuzzy-headed, and my throat feels grimy, but other than that, not so many symptoms.  Oh, and a fever.

The other day, my appetite was insane.  I ate the equivalent of four full meals after getting home in the evening.  The interesting thing was, I only craved vegan food.  When I was out, and I didn't have immediate access to my own kitchen, and I was starving and frustrated, I admit, it was tempting to just go "fuck it, give me that cheese sandwich".  But, no - there are always fruit cups, or apples, or chips, or something.  And at home, waiting for me, was a fridge full of leftovers from the other day, when I made vegan dad's sausages (hereby known as fauxages), which are delicious, vegetable soup, which reheats quite well, though god knows what that's done to the nutrients in it, baked beans, the homemade kind with the fried onions, and the rest of that delicious, delicious, cherry chocolate fudge cake.


I figured that since I was, y'know, sick, I should just give my body whatever it was telling me it needed.  Carbs, mostly.  Lots of bread, lots of pasta, lots of toast with baked beans.  Smoothies, too.  And peanuts, lots of peanuts.

I gained like four pounds that night (not even kidding).  I've since dropped them, over the last two days, when I felt less starving.  I still feel ill, but much better.  I hope I'm good by Friday - I start Argentine Tango lessons then.  Saturday, I'm meant to be organising a geocaching group around Birmingham.  Hell, Thursday, I'm in a pub quiz.  Working all week this week too.  I don't have time to be sick!

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