Tuesday, 16 November 2010

You are a Gongedip

Title unrelated.

Yesterday was a Monday, so I could have been a vegetarian.  But, I didn't want to be.  I just stuck with veganism.  I'm vegan at work all the time now, because it's easier than explaining it every few days.

I went shopping yesterday.  There're a few recipes I want to try, for gingerbread and veggie burgers (which I will post when I've made them).  I also wanted to check out the "free from" aisle.  Plus, my Tesco clubcard vouchers had come through the post (though, god knows what I'll do with extra points on muffins, cookies, and doughnuts.  I can use the others, though).

I found that Tesco do an own-brand dairy-free chocolate bar.  It's made with rice milk, is 85p, and is delicious.  Also, Worthenshaw's Freedom Frozen Desserts are at 2 for £5 at the moment.  That's a bargain since they're normally £4.99.   I got two of the chocolate - they were out of strawberry, and the vanilla isn't my favourite.

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