Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Thoughts on Peanut Butter Oat Burgers

I tried this recipe for lunch.  It's not my favourite.  I don't like the taste of the caraway seeds, and I find the peanut butter overpowering (I'm not the biggest fan of peanut butter).

However, the texture is fantastic.  I think I'll try tweaking it - lower the peanut butter down to one or two level tablespoons and up the marmite?  Cumin instead of caraway?

Incidentally, I tend to select seasonings by the smell.  If it smells right, I figure it'll taste right.  Caraway seeds smell like aniseed.  They also taste like aniseed.  I don't like aniseed.

While at work yesterday, I was thinking about food.  Specifically, how to recreate all of the good bits of the Purple Foodie's Oreo Cream Pie (creaminess, oreos, cheesecake-ness) with none of the bad bits (dairy products).  I love the Purple Foodie, but I wish she made more vegan dishes.  Her garlicky baked fries are perfect, but most everything else requires tweaking.  The challenge is fun, though.  I enjoy cooking so much more as a vegan than an omni.  I think because I'm forced to step out of my comfort zone. 

Anyway, cheesecake.

I know dark oreos (that is, those with a chocolate filling) are dairy-free in the US.  Unfortunately, that's not the case in the UK.  But, bournville biscuits are vegan (at least, one variety is - I haven't checked the others).  So that's the base sorted.  As for the filling...

My thoughts at  the moment are along the lines of hard tofu, blended, with icing sugar, and some biscuit crumbs in there.  Maybe a drop of rice wine vinegar to give it a mild cheesy tang.  Maybe some rice milk?  If it's too thin, I can thicken it like custard, by heating it and stirring in cornflour.  Maybe mix in some vanilla freedom (I am calling it that now), or coconut cream?  Vanilla essence/extract?  It might still be a tad thin, but I can probably get away with building the biscuit base up the sides as a pie case, and keeping it cold.

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