Sunday, 14 November 2010

Experimental Veggie Burgers

Last night, David had the brilliant idea of making veggie burgers.  I showed him a few recipes I was intending to make - peanut butter oat, and mushroom steakhouse-style  - when I got around to getting the ingredients.  That second one, in particular, has a very difficult list.  David decided to make some out of whatever he had in the kitchen.

My style of cooking is not terribly experimental.  Reason being, I am Clumsy, and things tend to come out weird.  I tend to follow recipes, and make a few different versions of the same item, to get an idea of how it works, before I think of making up my own thing.  Incidentally, this is also how I learned to come up with my own knitting and cross-stitch patterns - keep doing it, to see why other people's recipes include different things, and what the changes do, and once you know all that, it's easier to make up your own.

David made the burgers out of blended chickpeas and chopped onion.  We added in a bit of sunflower oil and some of the water the chickpeas had come in, and some vegetable suet and flour to make them less sticky.  Then we added spices.

The handy thing about this recipe is that is has a basically blank flavour pallete, so you can make up your own flavours.  We used salt and pepper, rosemary, and cumin, if I recall correctly.  Then we ate them with lettuce, sliced tomato, and fried onions.  They were delicious.

I want to try this recipe again.  I think, next time, I'll simplify the measurements to one tin of chickpeas, and one sliced onion.  Maybe two tablespoons of oil, half a cup of vital wheat gluten, and a quarter cup of water?  I'll play with the spices too.  It'll taste a bit stronger, with the extra onion, but shouldn't be overpowering.

I just looked at a few more recipes, and this black bean burger looks pretty good.  Simple, too.

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