Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Sorry about the lack of updates here - it's been a busy few weeks.

At the moment, I'm vegan on three days of the week, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  I have several ideas for various lunchbox items, but I haven't quite gotten around to preparing them yet, so, on those days, I've been limited to eating fries on my break. I have, however, been making green smoothies which are really quite delicious, although I need to get a greater variety of greens to put in.

I'm slowly training myself into liking vegetables more.  I'm now very happy to have lettuce and baby spinach on cheese sandwiches, and, in the next few days, I'll be baking my own bread, making seitan, and buying some form of vegan margarine, once I've had a look at what's out there.  Then that item will be vegan.  I'll also post about each recipe as I make them.

I must confess that I'm currently eating a lot of carbs on vegan days.  I generally start off with oatmeal, and have fries and ready salted crisps.  This Isn't Good.  I'm working a lot less next week (as in, down from seven days to one) so I'll be able to make and freeze more options that can be prepared quickly.

I've also discovered people like Chloe Coscarelli and Vegan Dad, who list a number of great recipes on their blogs.

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