Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kali's ongoing effort to eat more vegetables

So, I cooked yesterday.  I made roast potatoes with steamed broccoli and baby corn, and boiled runner beans (from the plant, which I'm told is an important distinction, by my grandmother, who cooked them), with slices of seitan.  And I ate it.  Okay, I had to cover the broccoli in gravy, and I left some of it, but I ate it.  The corn was okay, too.  I'm not yet at the point where it's yummy, but it's certainly edible.

My grandmother made the runner beans.  Again, edible, but I think I can see what people mean when they say steaming is better than boiling.

I'm quite impatient to make vegan mozarella and cheese sauce.  I want macaroni cheese with broccoli and/or cauliflower, and baked ziti!  I'm fairly sure I can microwave those, so they can go in lunch boxes, too.

For that, I need some extra silken tofu, rice vinegar, and agar.  Oh, and some pasta sauce.  At least two of those I can get from tesco.  Tomorrow, I'll have a look at the vegan food shop on Allison Street (which, it turns out, is in the same building as the Warehouse Cafe), and see if they stock silken tofu.

The other thing I wanted to try is the root vegetable mash from Cook Yourself Thin (it is surprisingly not frustrating, watching cooking shows as a vegan).  I'd make a few obvious changes - maybe cook it in water, or soy milk, and use soy margarine, obviously - but it would be interesting.  My grandmother also picked up some parsnips, which channel 4 tells me can be mashed with potatoes.  That one looks nice.

I tend to get sugar cravings throughout the day, and they tend to go together.  For instance, if I have chocolate, I want coke.  I haven't really had those today, despite having two slices of (vegan) chocolate cake.

My idea of trying to eat a fruit or vegetable at every meal is going well.  To be honest, on days when I'm not working, I don't really do meals, just snacks, but I've eaten a lot of apples and bananas, and drunk some orange juice.  I'll go have a seitan, lettuce, and baby spinach sandwich in a minute.  I actually like those, which is surprising to me.

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