Thursday, 16 September 2010

Nuts in Order of Protein Content

First to last, information taken from here.  All totals per 100g.

Peanuts - 24.3g
Pistachios - 19.3g
Cashews - 17.2g
Almonds - 16.9g
Pine Nuts - 14g
Brazil Nuts - 12g
Walnuts - 10.6g
Pecan - 9.2g
Hazelnuts - 7.6g 
Macadamia -7g
Coconut (dessicated) - 5.6g
Coconut (fresh) - 3.2g
Chestnuts - 2g

Of course, nuts don't contain complete proteins, so you do need to be getting some from other sources, such as vegetables, legumes, or grains.

There's a rough guide to calculating your protein requirement here, with charts here.  According to those, as a twenty-two-year-old female, with a middling active life, I need between 46-55g a day, which is quite a variation.  Other sources will also offer slightly different amounts.  The higher score came from the calculation, which is generic to males and females, while the lower one is from the female charts.

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