Wednesday, 10 August 2011

In Which Kali Rants Uncontrollably in Order to Feel Slightly Productive

From today's Metro.

"It was good fun"? Destroying people's livelihoods, things they've worked hard for, is "good fun"? What the fuck is wrong with you, you sociopath? Would you think it was fucking fun if you were mugged, if it was your belongings that someone took?

"Free things"? They were not fucking free, they were paid for by someone else. Put that back, you greedy fucking scumbag.

"It's the government's fault. I don't know, Conservatives, whoever it is". Okay, new rule. If you don't know who our fucking government is, you don't get to state what they are or are not to blame for.

"the rich people who've got businesses and that's why all this happened". Oh, sweet Jesus Christ. Those 'rich people' who own businesses worked hard for their money. They work hard on their businesses. What about Hat Man, that little family owned place that was looted to hell and back? They weren't taking home a fortune; if they were, they'd have opened another fucking branch.

Okay, basic economics 101. No one leaves money on the table. In other words, if someone owned a store that was making a fortune, they would open another store, they wouldn't just take the money and run, not when there's more to be made. As long as a store is making more than its operating costs, there is a market for another one, if not of the same brand then selling similar products. Rest assured that no one is raking in tons of money from stores, whether independent or chains - they will be making their running costs, including all staff wages and a cut for the owner (which may be large, but will certainly not be unearned). No more.

Furthermore, these people have a right to their money, even if they were raking it in. They earned it - they didn't steal it, which is certainly more than you can say for the fucking looters.

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