Friday, 4 February 2011

Cheat's Baby Spinach and Sheese Pasta Salad

I'd never had pasta salad before the other day. I was looking for new lunch ideas to take to work, preferably cold ones, since my bento box isn't microwavable, and the idea of a cold pasta salad seemed like it would work.  I looked up a few recipes, but they all seemed kind of complicated, so I just made one up.

That is, 50g (dry-weight) whole-wheat fusilli, mixed with a handful of baby spinach leaves, and 10g of chopped Mature Cheddar-style Sheese.  It tastes pretty good, and it took hardly any time in the morning - I had the pasta on while I was making pancakes, and it took like ten seconds to add the Sheese and baby spinach.

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