Friday, 31 December 2010

Wetherspoons, the New Year, and Kali's Last Hurrah

Wetherspoons sent me a letter (an actual, honest to god, sent-through-the-post letter) to tell me that their sausages were not vegan, but that I could eat the hash browns and the baked beans.  Joy.

I'd have been happier if they'd emailed me, with a more comprehensive list, or, at the very least, mentioned that I can look for vegan options on their website.  I knew that, but still.  It would have been thoughtful.  I do like hash browns (they're pretty good value there, and would only be completely unhealthy if I didn't desperately need the fat), but I've never liked baked beans.  If I were going to eat them, I'd pinch Gizzi's recipe, leave out the bacon, and use vegetable stock.

Anyone following this blog might know that I'm not fully vegan until tomorrow.  That is, although I have been eating vegan for the past few months, I always told myself that I had the option to eat vegetarian, one day a week.  Today, I took advantage of it, and ate a pizza.

Not pictured; flavour.

It was awful.  It tasted all bland - basically, fat and salt, and grease, and relatively flavourless - and I kept wondering why I bothered.  And now I feel awful about the poor veal calves and their mothers.  Plus, the customer service at Dominos was horrendous.

Never again.  Never, ever again.

Happy new year, people.

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