Tuesday, 21 December 2010


I'm off to Scotland tomorrow.  Two trains, and just under seven hours.

I won't be stuck for things to do - if I weren't going, I'd be using those hours to read or get some work done, or watch TV programs on my laptop.  No, the problem is, snacks.  We lack lettuce and tomatoes, I haven't made seitan in ages, no tofu...

I've finally settled on PB&J sammiches, ready-salted crisps, and fruit.  Should keep me going.  I'm broke, you see, so I don't want to buy stuff if I can avoid it.

Oh, I'm also making a batch of vegan muffins for a friend of my grandmother's tonight.  Maybe there'll be some leftovers.

The other thing I'm doing tomorrow is heading to a Wetherspoons for breakfast.  I emailed them, but they've yet to get back to me about whether or not the sausages in the veggie breakfast are suitable for vegans.  If they are, I'm fairly sure I can sub out the fried eggs for extra hash browns, and have it totally vegan.  Otherwise, it'll just be a side of hash browns for me.

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