Thursday, 21 July 2011

What Time Do You Call This, Missis?

...I've been a tad busy.  Mostly because I just quit my job.

I've mentioned before that I worked in fast food.  It made me miserable.  Eventually, it reached the point where I just couldn't carry on with it any more.  I'll survive, but I'm not really sure what I'm going to do now.  I've got a meeting with a careers advisor tomorrow, though - wish me luck!  Oh, also, I had my navel pierced.  By a vegan!  He told me when I asked if there was anything non-vegan about the process (there isn't).

Sadly, in other news, KPL Vegan Cafe has closed down.  I miss it.  I loved going somewhere, and not having to carefully read through the menu to make sure something was vegan.  I could just order anything, anything at all, and then I could eat it, and I could be sure that it was vegan.

Happily, a vegetarian cafe, VEG'ed Out has opened in Fletcher's Walk, near the library.  They are vegetarian, not vegan, but they're promising to have a vegan option every day, which is a good start.  They're currently working with volunteers and limited opening hours, allowing other groups to use the space at other times.

I'll write more about them later, but it's bedtime now.  'Night!

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