Saturday, 26 March 2011


I just haven't felt like blogging recently.  Life's been busy.

Anthony and I have decided to have picnics, now it's spring.  Lots of picnics.  At first, I thought it would be tricky coming up with ideas, but then I actually tried to think of some, and I got lots.  So here are a few.

This Sunday (yes, it will probably rain, no, I don't care);

  • Fresh baked ciabatta rolls (I use Rivercote baking mix - it's not cheating!).
  • Vegan sausages, courtesy of Vegan Dad.
  • Potato Salad - the creamy one from Lauren Ulm.
  • Some slices of Sheese, lettuce, and sliced tomatoes, so, basically, we can form all of the above into sammiches.
  • Chocolate-coated strawberries and raspberries (I'm going to use Tesco's free-from chocolate bars).
  • Frozen grapes - everyone seems to be telling me these days that they taste like sorbet!  I think it originated from Jamie Oliver.

I like it.

Other ideas, in no particular order or groupings, include;

  • Bagel dogs - these are a strange thing I read about in a post in Fed-Up With Lunch.  It seems it's basically a hot dog baked right into the bread, kind of like a sausage roll.  I think that would work really well, a vegan sausage baked into a ciabatta roll.  Much easier than carrying separate components, too.
  • Calzone - Anthony found these.  Basically, pizza crossed with Cornish pasties.
  • Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies.
  • Houmous and high-bake water biscuits.
  • Flapjacks.
  • Baby carrots and (vegan) ranch dressing.
  • PB&J, apples, plus peanuts/crisps, school packed lunch style.
  • Green salad with pine nuts.
  • Truffles with cherry coke and raspberries.  I have ideas about how to veganise the truffles.
  • Bread and butter pudding with a vanilla alpro-soya dessert.
  • Chickpea salad with pita bread (my chickpea salad is basically one chopped red pepper, two tomatoes, a drained tin of chickpeas, and some rice).
  • Sheese and spinach pasta salad.

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